The New Mexico Doula Association


The New Mexico Doula Association is an inclusive, birth-justice focused organization that works to make doula care more accessible throughout the state of New Mexico through advocacy and education. We believe that all New Mexican families have the right to affordable, non-judgmental, and culturally-competent support in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

We work to:

  • mitigate health disparities by increasing access to doula support for a diversity of people and families, including rural, tribal, and other underserved communities

  • support doulas around the state in their role, through advocacy, training and education of the public and the healthcare system

  • increase the diversity of trained doulas and birth companions around the state of New Mexico, including racial, social and geographical diversity

  • grow a community of doulas and supportive New Mexicans who will act as change agents in the maternity care landscape in New Mexico

The New Mexico Doula Association is currently organized by a volunteer steering committee.

Steering Committee members:

Esperanza Dodge, Young Women United

Miyoko Inase

Steph McCreary, Tewa Women United

Carrie Murphy, CD (DONA)

Paula Reiss, CD (DONA)

Karen Brown

Michele Falzone

Logo design by Autumn Gomez

The steering committee meets once a month by phone. We welcome the energy, input, and expertise of diverse members, including doulas, providers, community health workers, policy-makers, consumers, and parents. If you’d like to join, please email